BlissCrew Volunteers

Blissfest Music Organization seeks volunteers year-round to help out: on the festival farm, with events, and to be part of the BlissCrew for the annual festival. BlissCrew is an integral part of the team and includes Pre-Festival Volunteers, Festival Volunteers, and Coordinators. BlissCrew Volunteer Applications open in January each year for the festival.

We hope you’ll join us!

Check back soon for our online volunteer application and to volunteer outside the festival. We thank you for your help!

Coordinators will receive a separate check-in email.

New Coordinator Retirement Package

Blissfest has a new coordinator retirement package for 10 and 20-year coordinators. Please let us know if you are planning to retire.

Purpose: The Blissfest Music Organization’s (BMO’s) purpose in instituting this policy is to provide the means to: honor the service of its festival coordinators, reward them for a job well done and pass on their expertise to his/her/their successor.

Policy: The Blissfest Music Organization Board of Directors (BOD) establishes 2 service levels, 10+ and 20+ years for its Festival Coordinators to honor and reward their service and to facilitate the transmission of their expertise to their successors.

Qualifiers/Definitions: Transition Commitment means being available and accessible to mentor a successor in the same or similar festival coordinator role.

Guidelines: Coordinator Retirement Packages shall be awarded accordingly, as described below:

1. 10+ year Coordinator.
1.1. 1 year transition commitment.
1.2. 2 years of weekend wristband & camping on Blissfest (you & plus one).
1.3. Nontransferable & non-inheritable.
1.4. Swag bag of 10-year club package (t-shirt & more).
1.5. Name on volunteer donor recognition area TBD.

2. 20+ year Coordinator.
2.1. 1 year transition commitment.
2.2. 4 years of weekend wristband & camping on Blissfest (you & plus one).
2.3. Nontransferable & non-inheritable.
2.4. Swag bag of 20-year club package (t-shirt & more).
2.5. Name on volunteer donor recognition area TBD.


  1. Upon the retirement of a BMO Festival Coordinator, the BMO Executive Director, and such staff as he/she/they shall designate shall determine what level, if any, the retiree qualifies for and shall make arrangements for the transition and rewards described above.
  2. Should the transition commitment be unsatisfactory by staff, the BMO Executive Director, in conjunction with the BMO Human Resources Committee shall discuss and determine whether the remainder of the retiree’s package shall be awarded and under what circumstances that should occur.
  3. Forms and/or procedures may be developed by the BMO staff.

BlissCrew Volunteer Applications

You are an important part of the team-thank you!
Returning Volunteers – check your email for a coupon code to avoid repaying the deposit.
  • If you are intending to Volunteer, DO NOT BUY a wristband.
  • Returning Volunteers (3rd year or more in a row) – Do not apply without the coupon code. Check your email for a coupon code to avoid repaying the deposit. No email? Email
  • All Volunteer wristbands will be picked up at the Volunteer Check-In at the Main Gate.
  • To receive a deposit refund you must go to the info booth once your shifts are complete to turn in your signed volunteer card.
  • Rollover: Check your inbox, if you did not receive an email, please contact

Festival Volunteer

Festival Volunteer

Aged 18 and up

8 hours | 2 Four Hour Shifts during the festival

Teen Festival Volunteer

Aged 15, 16 and 17 ONLY

4 hours | 1 Four Hour Shift during the festival

Pre-Festival Volunteer (Limited Shifts)

Everyone intending to do any pre-fest work MUST complete one of the following applications.

Pre-Fest Volunteer

12 – 40 Hour Requirement
Shifts April to July 1st *No Thursday Entry

Load-In Volunteer

12 Hour Requirement
Shifts Week of Festival

Thursday Entry

  • If you have shifts that begin Friday at or before 2 pm (8-hour requirement)
  • Must camp on-site Thursday night.
  • Preference is given to returning volunteers.
  • Limited Thursday Entry Shifts

Mandatory Meeting – Thursday 7:00 pm at Second Stage for all Early Entry Volunteers