Volunteer BlissCrew Program

CLOSED for the season.

Blissfest Music Organization seeks volunteers year-round to help out: on the festival farm, with events, and to be part of the BlissCrew for the annual festival. BlissCrew is an integral part of the team and includes Pre-Festival Volunteers, Festival Volunteers, and Coordinators. We hope you’ll join us and thank you for your help!


Rookie Deposit

(1st and 2nd Year )

$170 Fee refunded upon completion of shifts + $10 Non-Refundable Deposit


Seasoned Volunteer

(3rd Year)

Non-refundable $10- Will receive an invitation to volunteer w/ Coupon Code



Will receive a separate check-in email.

BlissCrew Volunteer Applications

You are an important part of the team-thank you!
Returning Volunteers – check your email for a coupon code to avoid repaying the deposit.

Festival Volunteer

Festival Volunteer

CLOSED for the season.

Aged 18 and up

8 hours | 2 Four Hour Shifts during the festival
Thursday entry for Volunteer and minors as necessary
Apply Festival

Teen Festival Volunteer

CLOSED for the season.

Aged 15, 16 and 17 ONLY

4 hours | 1 Four Hour Shift during the festival
NO Thursday entry unless with Parent Volunteer/Coordinator
Apply Teen

Non-Weekend Festival Volunteer

Everyone intending to do any Pre-fest, Load-In, and Load-Out work MUST complete one of the following applications.

Pre-Fest Volunteer

CLOSED for the season.

12 – 40 Hour Requirement
Shifts April to July 2
NO Thursday Entry
  • 12 Hours = 1 Weekend Wristband
  • 20 Hours = 1 Weekend Wristband + $35 Bliss Bucks
  • 32 Hours = 2 Weekend Wristbands + $35 Bliss Bucks
  • 40 Hours = 2 Weekend Wristbands + $60 Bliss Bucks

Load-In/Load-Out Volunteer

CLOSED for the season

Load-In (Week Of July 3-6) – 12 hours
Thursday entry for Volunteer and minors as necessary


Load-Out (Week Of July 10-12) – 12 hours
NO Thursday Entry

Thursday Entry

  • If you have shifts that begin Friday at or before 2 pm (8-hour requirement) you must camp on-site Thursday night.
  • Preference is given to returning volunteers.
  • Load-in and Weekend Festival Volunteers may enter on Thursday beginning at 2pm.

Mandatory Meeting – Thursday 8:00 pm at Second Stage for all Early Entry Volunteers