Festival FAQs

1. What is included with the price of my wristband?
Admission to the festival, camping at the festival, with access to all the stages, as well as workshops. Some of the take-home craft workshops require a very small fee, usually $5 for materials.

2. How much do wristbands cost?
Prices vary depending on when you buy and if you are a member of the organization. Prices are listed on the Buy Wristbands page. Remember Blissfest members get a discount.

3. Does camping cost extra?
No…. camping is included in the price of a weekend wristband. You will be placed in a spot by Blissfest Parking as you arrive unless you have a reserved campsite or are going in the woods. No, you will not be able to drive around looking for spots like in previous years. Checkout Monday by noon. See # 5 for reserved campsites.

4. What are the festival benefits of a membership?
Besides supporting a cool organization you get:

  • Individual members – 1 adult or young adult weekend wristband at member price
  • Family membership – 2 adult or young adult weekend wristbands at member price
  • Members are allowed to reserve a specific camp space

5. Can I reserve a specific campsite?
Members can register for a specific site. You must make a registration on our camping page. Limited spaces are available.

6. If I am under 18 and want to come to the festival, what can I do?
You can not attend without adult supervision. This means your parent, adult family member, or guardian must be in attendance and you have to camp with them. Please refer to this chart.

7. Can I buy a ticket for just one day?
Yes, you can, but only for Saturday. You are NOT allowed to camp with a day wristband and must leave festival grounds by 12 midnight on the day of your purchased wristband.

8. Can I camp Saturday night only?
You may, but you must have a weekend wristband in order to camp.

9. What time do the gates open?
Gates open at 9:00 a.m. on the Friday of the festival. You may not camp along the road in your car Thursday night. Please do not start lining up any earlier than Friday, may result in revocation of wristbands.

10. Do you allow refunds for wristbands?
No, wristbands are Non-Refundable.

11. Are there vendors that sell food and/or arts and crafts?
Yes, we have many wonderful vendors. There are food vendors, arts and crafts fair, healing arts (massage), and service booths.

12. Can I bring my own food and drink? And are alcoholic beverages allowed?
Yes. However, no kegs are allowed. We encourage you to use sustainable camp ware.

13. May I please bring my doggo?

14. May I pleeeease bring my doggo?
No. We are sorry, but you may not bring any pets to the festival. There are dog kennels in the area.

16. Can I bring my bike to Blissfest? Can I bring my golf cart?
Bikes are fine as long as proper bike safety is used. Personal golf carts are NOT allowed.

17. What about parking?
All vehicles entering the Blissfest property are required to purchase a parking pass and have it displayed in their window.

18. How do I purchase tickets to Blissfest?
You may purchase wristbands online on our Buy Wristbands page. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

19. Can I always buy a ticket?
Blissfest is limited to 4500 weekend and 500 Saturday-only wristbands available for sale and we often sell out!

Camping FAQs

1. Are Fires permitted?
No, ground fires, open flames, or charcoal appliances are permitted. Bottles gas or white gas units may be used but supervision is required. There are Blissfest maintained fires at the Drum Kiva and the Fire Circle.

2. Is Camping included with your wristband?
Yes, camping privileges are included in your weekend wristband. Number of people and vehicles per campsite is controlled. Only weekend wristband holders are eligible to camp.

3. Are there designated camping spots?
The campground is laid in sections and each section has individual campsites that are 25′ x 50′ and designated with flags. You need to have a weekend wristband in order to camp. Camping permits are issued to each vehicle entering the campground so the driver of the vehicle will need to fill it in with name, license plate # and contact number once you reach your space.

4. What about reserving camping spots?
Members only. Yes, you must make registration online. Limited spaces open for registration.

5. Are there RV hookups?
NO, Blissfest has no RV hookups or water fill ups. Camping is rustic. We do provide portable toilets, recycling, compost, trash barrels, and a solar shower facility. There is also plenty of potable water available.

6. Are generators allowed?
NO, generators are not allowed.

7. What types of things should I plan on bringing to the Blissfest?
It is good to make a checklist. Plan on bringing the items you would normally take for a camping trip for the weekend. There is not very much shade at the main stage area, so be prepared to protect yourselves and your young ones from the sun and dehydration. Be sure to bring sunscreen, first aid kit, FM radio, food, beverages and snacks, towels, blankets, small chairs for stage watching, sun hats, rain gear, warm clothing for unpredictable northern Michigan weather. A good tent and sleeping gear is also a must if you are camping. Please do not bring things of value! Blissfest cannot be responsible for lost items. Plan responsibly and you will increase your chances of greater Bliss!

8. Is there a water supply?
There is drinking water available at many water outlets in the camp area and concert area. This is water from 250 ft. well and it is very tasty. No need to bring bottled water.

9. What if I want to take a shower?
We do have solar showers available for use. They are separated into male and female sections but do not have individual stalls. We recommend wearing a bathing suit and flip-flops (the floor is cement). There are also hot showers offered for a fee by At Your Service Portable Showers.

10. Is there anywhere to go swimming? Is there a shuttle?
Yes, there is a shuttle that runs to Sturgeon Bay at various times throughout the weekend. And you are welcome to drive there on your own.

11. Where should I camp if I prefer a quieter atmosphere after hours?
It is not possible to find an absolutely quiet spot. The Front 40 Camping area is going to be quiet and on our property through the Blissfest Future Forest. You can make a registration to camp there if you are a current member.

12. Can I camp next to my car?
Yes. With a weekend wristband and vehicle parking permit in a designated campsite.

13. How much does it cost per person to camp?
Camping is included in the price of a weekend wristband.

14. Can I camp with a day pass?
No. You must purchase a weekend wristband to be able to camp.

15. If I am under 21, can I camp wherever I like?
Yes, you may camp wherever you wish. You still need to abide by the laws of the State of Michigan including alcohol restrictions. Security will be monitoring the campgrounds.

16. What if I can’t get to Blissfest until late at night?
Please make sure you arrive during open-gate hours, otherwise, we will be happy to see you the next day when the gate opens. No entry after the gate closes each night.

17. Do you supply accessible camping?
Yes, with a valid accessible permit. Please contact Blissfest to check availability.

18. What time do we need to leave Blissfest?
Vehicles and campsites must be off Blissfest grounds by Monday at 12 noon